Haven Center's Areas of Expertise

 Our goal is to bring medical cannabis to qualified patients throughout the state . We intend to provide pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis to patients in need through an experienced team of healthcare and wellness professionals who will also provide patient education, counseling and support. And to set the gold standard in medical cannabis administration and patient care.Haven Center has the combined network and experience to set the gold standard for a medical cannabis dispensary. The Haven Center team consists of a tight group of extremely skilled experts with assorted specialties, from within and outside of the medical cannabis industry. These blended backgrounds allow the Haven Center team to focus on addressing the diverse aspects of this highly regulated and beneficial program in a patient first manner.

On the front lines

What makes the Haven Center unique over other dispensaries throughout the county, is that the staff that will interact with the patients are medical professionals.
  Because of their ability and experience interacting and evaluating many patients they are well equipped to meet the needs of the individuals who seek guidance and direction when they enter the Haven Center.  We are honored and proud to have these professionals on our team.

All are working on or are currently certified or have advanced certification credentialing in cannabinoid nursing.

Why Choose Us?