Chris Taloumis, along with his wife Jill, understand that a RMD can be a very positive influence on a community if its stewardship is in the right hands. The Haven Center is dedicated to our patients, customers and residents. We understand the special needs of the patients and our communitys.The Haven Center is well suited to carry out our vision for the betterment of the citizens we wish to serve.

Give Back

The Haven Center believes that Massachusetts RMDs have an obligation not only to the health and well being of the patients that utilize our medicine, but to our surrounding communities and its citizens as well. It is our goal to be a positive influence in the community and to help positively alter the perception of marijuana as a safe and viable medicine.

Based on the model of community integration we've outlined a strategic plan that we believe can help achieve those goals. We intend to organize volunteers and operate monthly urban gardening efforts with harvest yields going to local food pantries, perpetual food, coat and hygiene product donation drives, trash cleanup efforts, Adotpt-A- Beach, Block , and Traffic island Programs, Senior outreach and much more. Including corporate donation coordination and raising money to send an underprivileged youth to college. The Haven Center intends on using these ideas as a foundation for our own integration efforts and tailoring them to suit the most urgent needs of our local communities.

Beyond providing volunteers, The Haven Center also understands that sometimes the most valuable contribution that can be provided are donations to be directed towards charity and research, including community outreach efforts and organizations to support their missions.

Based on our projected revenue, these contributions should prove invaluable to these local grassroots efforts. We’ve identified some organizations in the towns we intend on operating in as an example of the type of assistance we intend on providing.

As our business grows, so will our ability to provide this medicine at severely discounted rates or donate it free of charge to those most in need.  We believe this will require some educational outreach to the operators of these facilities to ensure they are aware of how beneficial medical cannabis can be to terminally ill patients towards the end of life.

It is our long-term goal to reach out to and collaborate with the other RMDs in Massachusetts in an effort to pool resources and provide the greatest benefit possible to not only these local communities, but also the state as whole. We believe the opportunity exists in this infant industry to do something special and that goal will be much easier realized with the support of our counterparts in the industry our neighbors in our communities.

Improving the quality of life for the patients

 The Haven Center is dedicated to improving the quality of life for the patients  and customers we intend to serve. We further aim to educate our medical cannabis patients about alternative health approaches to supplement their medicine, thereby protecting qualifying patients as well as adult use customers from the risks associated with illegality and the addictive nature of many pharmaceuticals. We intend to successfully assist  in reducing or completely eliminating their dependency on addictive pharmaceutical drugs, to treat their debilitating conditions. We are dedicated to helping people find the most beneficial ways to medicate with cannabis, promote healthy diet, nutrition and lifestyles, The Haven Center believes in social action and philanthropy and intends to become a leading active member of the community.