Our Mission & Vision

The mission and vision of the Haven Center is to provide registered qualifying patients with safe, high quality, and affordable, organically-cultivated medical marijuana products, and supplementary support services, operating as a not-for-profit organization for benefit of patients and the community, and thereby protecting qualifying patients from the risks associated with illegality and many pharmaceuticals. We are dedicated to providing a safe haven for our patients where our staff will provide an atmosphere of care, compassion, and warmth, incorporating transparency and best practices into all of our operations. We will provide only lab-tested, high quality medical cannabis.  All growing operations will adhere to pesticide-free processes within a controlled and completely organic environment. We will be alert to the specific needs of patients, seeking  opportunities to breed strains for particular debilitating conditions. We further aim to educate our medical cannabis patients about alternative health approaches to supplement their medicine. We acknowledge the trust of our community, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts have put in us. We will honor that trust by observing the laws and regulations of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for the benefit of all the patients we serve.

Our vision is of a community in which the palliative needs of patients are met in a safe, effective, and properly regulated manner and to build charitable resources for community betterment.