We are locals and we understand the special needs of the community.

The Haven Center was founded as a Ma Non-Profit in 2013 by lifelong local Cape Cod residents. Who better to operate a marijuana establishment than people who live in the community and are considered experts?


We are in the process of developing community programs in all our locations and will be helping to donate to the Brewster vision plan as well as contributing 3% of our gross sales to towns in our locations. Do liquor stores oxycodone dispensary’s (pharmacy’s), tobacco retailers, or any other business or individuals endeavoring to benefit the community’s they are located in?

The Haven Center is currently provisionally licensed to open a medical marijuana dispensary in Brewster, Bourne, Fall River Ma. 
State law says an existing PCR license holder, such as The Haven Center, have achieved accredited priority status, and will be reviewed and processed for adult use licenses before groups that are not yet licensed. We are considered experienced by the state, have been thoroughly background checked, and our business plans have been vetted. The Haven center is currently in the process of applying for adult use recreational licenses throughout Ma. including but not  limited to cultivation, processing , and retail marijuana establishment license.

Embarrassing intellectual dishonesty and hypocrisy

Tobacco and Alcohol are legal and allowed, but are statistically proven to be far more dangerous than Cannabis. This intellectual dishonesty and hypocrisy of laws allows adults to use alcohol and tobacco, and punishes them for using a less harmful substance. There is inherent harm associated with such disparate, co-existing policies. Just as it would be bad public policy to prohibit people from choosing to consume chicken instead of beef — or beer instead of liquor — it is bad public policy to prohibit adults from consuming marijuana instead of alcohol, if that is what they would prefer.

Care, Compassion and Warmth

Leaders in science, education and medicine Community Designed to Succeed Team
Haven Center is a Massachusetts based company comprised of leaders in science, education and medicine who are passionate about applying internationally recognized pharmaceutical and biotechnology standards to medical cannabis production and delivery.

The Haven Center staff will be a physician lead  team of RN's and LPN's that will interact with and evaluate each and every patient with care, compassion, and warmth.

The Haven Center has been awarded 3 license to operate in the state of Massachusetts and will be opening spring of 2017.
The Haven Center believes that Massachusetts RMDs have an obligation, not only to the health and well being of our patients that utilize our medicine, but to our surrounding communities and our citizens as well. It is our goal to be a positive influence in the community and to help positively alter the perception of cannabis as a safe and viable medicine. Our team of experts was hand picked because of their experience and ability to operate with a strong focus on safe patient access, public health, safety, education, and developing strong, long lasting relationships within our community. We are comprised of a group of experienced business people. We are a patient focused group of professionals who have recruited the leading experts with a track record of success within the Medical cannabis Community. All registered agents for The Haven Center are required by DPH regulations to undergo criminal background checks.
Team has already passed multiple rounds of background checks with the DPH, and we will ensure that the same due diligence is performed on all of our employees.
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A Safe Haven

Safe and Secure

The Haven Center is committed to operating a facility that is beneficial to patients in need while safe and secure. The general public will not have access to the facility – only registered medical caregivers, registered patients under medical supervision, and employees who have undergone extensive background checks will have access to the site. Additionally, patients and their caregivers will be required to make an appointment before they receive treatment. The Haven Center will not provide treatment for anyone who is not under a doctor’s care and will not serve individuals who walk into the facility.
To ensure the safety of our patients and the surrounding community, The Haven Center will perform CORI checks on all employees of the facility. Our employees will be required to register with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to work in a Registered Marijuana Dispensary. Our team is made up of medical, operational, and security professionals, and we will hold any new employees to the same standards of excellence.
The security of patients, our employees, and the community is of utmost importance to The Haven Center and our leadership team. We will be instituting security measures to our facility that will ensure that only those who should have access to The Haven Center can have access.

The Haven Center is committed
to offering a alternative approach to improving the lives of all patients. We aim to offer a full range of cannabis products to help our patients manage their illnesses and conditions.

The Haven Center has handpicked a formidable team, experts say one of the strongest applying for a license in the State of Massachusetts. We have the industry’s leading dispensary operators, cannabis specific cultivation experts in spades, patient education specialists, non-profit experience finance and board members, and clinical researchers poised to create a model dispensary operation serving the needs of all patients. Our team's background and hands on knowledge will position our RMD to become the state-of-the-art cannabis medicine center for the patients of the Commonwealth.
We plan to implement and include a well-rounded range of support services that will improve the lives of patients throughout the state. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.